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Friday, 20 Oct 2017
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Kryolan Collagen Repair Cream
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Kryolan Collagen Repair Cream

( Kryolan )
Price per Unit (piece): R652.00

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Collagen Repair Cream Environmental effects, climate change, overdoses of ultraviolet radiations: we put our skin through a lot. Even young skin often suffers from a lack of youthful collagen III. The original elasticity of the skin subsides. Moisture balance is disturbed. Alarm signals: rough and fatigued skin. Your skin needs help. Help it with COLLAGEN REPAIR CREAM, refreshment for endangered skin. It contains maritime collagen, which can provide multiple compensation for collagen-III deficit: Reduction of collagenase activity, stimulation of the body’s own collagen-IIII synthesis, supply of native collagen, stimulation of formation of hyaluronic acid, which is closely connected to collagen development. But your COLLAGEN REPAIR CREAM can do even more. Its additional carefully selected ingredients provide powerful support with their effective characteristics: Allantoin: Anti-irritant and skin smoothener Vitamin E: Scavenger of free radicals that opposes prematur skin aging induced by ultraviolet light D-panthenol: Hydrates the skin and supports moisture balance Aloe Vera: Biological moisturizer A-bisabolol: Active ingredient from chamomile All ingredients help your skin to relax and feel softly supple again – and soften the visible signs of aging. Right after the first application, you will definitely sense feeling better and more assured in your precious skin. Step by step, you’ll feel yourself regain and strengthen the elasticity of your skin. And a close look in the mirror will confirm: You are looking younger again.

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